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Interior Designers in Hyderabad and the rest of the world have embraced the new design mantra of ‘less is more’ that offers an overall relaxed feel to new homeowners.Going minimal is sure to give your home an airy, clutter-free vibe. Those who have opted this design trend into their homes, have testified to embracing an organized and stress-free lifestyle in the process.

Small furniture

A small space with small furniture can create lots of wasted space, don’t scale too big, but a proportion is key in making sure you strike the balance between maximizing the space without overcrowding it.

Use what you already have to decorate

We all have items in our possession, probably packed up in boxes somewhere and haven’t given them a second glance. Your home needs some accessories. Instead of running to the store, take a good look at what you already have.

The best ideas for your kitchen interior

Get Some Statement Lighting

Is anyone actually going to notice how big or small your kitchen is when you've got an amazing piece of statement lighting?

Forgo Closed Cabinets

Hang cloth curtains in front of your bottom shelves to hide storage essentials instead of opting for classic cabinets.


Just as you would in your living room, base the choice of your kitchen cabinet colour on how it will make the room feel. This is largely down to the amount of natural daylight the room receives, and where in the room the kitchen sits.

Best tips on how to decorate your living room

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    Display prized possessions

    Collection articles can divulge a lot about your persona and it’s an easy way to personalise your living room without spending tons of money to customise your home.

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    Light up the sky

    Light up the sky, or at least your living room, with an eye-catching modern chandelier. This particular lighting arrangement uses various sized forms to create what resembles a celebratory firework display.

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    Grey Living Room

    Ah grey, you’re still our favourite neutral despite beige making a comeback. Light or dark, warm or cool, you can find a grey to suit any taste and it’s one of the easiest colours to style in any room in the home. Decide whether you want a light and airy grey living room decor or deep and dramatic, then look for paint and furnishings in varying tones of the same shade.

Heroes Behind the Company

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